How To Teach A Puppy Its Name?

Like humans puppies also get used to their names when you often call them with their names and train them from the young age. However, you can do this in a much better way. Spend a dedicated time for your puppy to recognize his or her name and ensure that your family uses the same way of calling. The first step would be to get your dog’s attention by tossing a treat. This you can repeat for a few times in a day just to make them recognize the way you call them by their names. After sometime your dog will be able to associate the name with the treat. The site Pet advice 360 will give you suggestions for best dog cages available in the market so that you can start your cage training simultaneously.

When you train your dogs it is better to have them leashed so that they do not jump around and get into undesirable behavior. If you feel that your dog is distracted, call by the name and give her a treat. You can also pull her closer to you when she gets distracted and give her a treat. While doing these activities try to often use the word “yes” to make her understand that you are agreeing to her good behavior.

When calling your dog ensure that it is for a specific purpose because often calling the name with no purpose would be like a general noise heard around. Likewise, do not use her name to punish or correct in any way which makes her very unpleasant and guilty. Teaching her to recognize her name is not only a fun exercise but it helps you make her return to you when she tries to get away from you for any reason. This can also save your dog from any danger she is falling into at a distance away from your vicinity.

Finally, let your dog have a “dog id tag” with phone number and name so that she is saved by someone who rescues her when she is lost.