How To Teach A Puppy Its Name?

Like humans puppies also get used to their names when you often call them with their names and train them from the young age. However, you can do this in a much better way. Spend a dedicated time for your puppy to recognize his or her name and ensure that your family uses the same way of calling. The first step would be to get your dog’s attention by tossing a treat. This you can repeat for a few times in a day just to make them recognize the way you call them by their names. After sometime your dog will be able to associate the name with the treat. The site Pet advice 360 will give you suggestions for best dog cages available in the market so that you can start your cage training simultaneously.

When you train your dogs it is better to have them leashed so that they do not jump around and get into undesirable behavior. If you feel that your dog is distracted, call by the name and give her a treat. You can also pull her closer to you when she gets distracted and give her a treat. While doing these activities try to often use the word “yes” to make her understand that you are agreeing to her good behavior.

When calling your dog ensure that it is for a specific purpose because often calling the name with no purpose would be like a general noise heard around. Likewise, do not use her name to punish or correct in any way which makes her very unpleasant and guilty. Teaching her to recognize her name is not only a fun exercise but it helps you make her return to you when she tries to get away from you for any reason. This can also save your dog from any danger she is falling into at a distance away from your vicinity.

Finally, let your dog have a “dog id tag” with phone number and name so that she is saved by someone who rescues her when she is lost.

How Same-sex Marriage Became Legal

I was beginning to order loveplugs online to surprise her on our first date when suddenly a friend and a gay rights activist dropped in the home. I quickly ordered the ones that I had put into my cart too embarrassed for her to know what I was up to.

She had come in to spend some time with me because she was going to be away:

As if she had a premonition, she began asking me about the girl I was seeing. I gave in with a wink. Her excitement was infectious. Talks strayed into how same-sex marriages came to be called legal in our country. I only knew the skeleton. But since she was into it I thought this was a good time to know.

The story dates back to 1993 when the Hawaii Supreme Court had to hear a case on same-sex marriage. In its judgment, the judge remarked that denial might violate the constitutional right of the person. The key word here in the judgment was “might”.

Right after their judgment, the Congress came out with a scathing piece of legislature called the Defense of Marriage Act in the year 1996 as a result of the backlash against the Hawaii Judgement. It is important to note that no gay marriages were allowed still. The Draconian law only recognized a marriage between a man and a woman at the Federal level.

In 2003, Massachusetts was the first state to legalize same-sex marriages. In 2013, the Supreme Court overturned key provisions of the Defense of Marriage Ac, 1996 stating categorically that banning marriage between gay persons was a violation of their rights.

It is only in 2015 that the Supreme Court has affirmed that gay couples can marry and live as a married couple as of a legal right.

I am so glad that Glenda actually came over to talk. I had a great time bonding with her over coffee and cookies. She has been relentlessly and selflessly working for gay rights as long as I can remember!…

The Best List of Things to Buy For Your Wedding

Planning your own wedding can be a very stressful process, you need to keep together so many different things that it can seriously exhaust you, wedding planners will often get many things wrong and incorrect and leave you very little space for improvement until the last possible second where often things can way too messy to leave alone. So for that reason we’ve created this quick guide of things to buy for your wedding day.

Make sure you have this page as a good guide in the future by bookmarking or otherwise marking this page.

Make sure to get a Bridal Veil!

People often misunderstand how important that this feature can be in terms of how you look during your wedding day, people sometimes have to deal with a fingertip length wedding veil and regret how they look, often thinking of how much better they’d look if they had a floor length wedding veil instead of that. People tend to not realize how much better a floor length veil actually is, I really do suggest that you have your wedding veils and hair accessories well in advance before the wedding actually starts.

Make sure to try on the veil before using it, see how you look in photos from different angles and make sure you feel how good you will look in your hair, after that you will begin to have an idea of what accessory and veils are good enough for you and what to do in case you don’t have enough time to purchase another one.

Be sure to read our quick guide on how to get a good wedding veil, guaranteed satisfaction.…

5 Ways Parents Are Buying Their Kids All the Wrong Toys

Children love shopping for toys. But parents love this shopping even more. With all the variety that is added parents are tempted to get all the trendiest toys for their children. Before you buy any toy make sure that you visit toy review experts forums. This would ensure that you are only spending on toys that are worth the expense. They would also be the toys that your kids do not get bored of too soon.

Parents today end up buying all the wrong toys for their kids. What is right or wrong in buying a toy? Toys are toys after all, aren’t they? No, they aren’t! Remember that the toy you pick has a huge impact on your kid. Toys are more than just for entertainment. Children learn and grow while they play.

  1. Instilling gender bias

Color based as well as role-based discrimination of the genders should not be encouraged in children. It is totally alright for boys to play with pink toys, dolls, and kitchen sets. And it is fine if girls play with cars.

  1. Not allowing free play

Toys definitely are designed to be played in a particular way. But it is a bad idea, as a parent, to stop the kid from exploring the many possibilities of using the toy and playing with it.

  1. Creating ways to help them kill their boredom

Do not sit and figure out ways to help your child kill his boredom. Children get more creative when bored.

  1. Expecting too much out of children

Do not buy toys simply based on the age recommendation printed on the labels. Buy toys based on your children’s areas of interest.

  1. Multitasking

Do not ask your child to multitask too soon. Children possess a short attention span. Toys with too many distractions might not be of any use to them. There would be so much that the toy does and very little for the child to do. Simpler toys would instead be better in bringing out their imagination.…

The Smart Shopping List For Low-Carb Beginners

Being on a low-carb diet can seem like a chore sometimes, the local store is usually a forest of foods that contain far too many carbs and are far too rich in items with refined carbs and sugars. Trying to memorize what is not allowed on a low carb diet or having to flip through tons of nutrition labels trying to find which ones are allowed in your daily macros can be an incredibly difficult process. Knowing what not to eat from is incredibly important but more importantly is what to eat.

Meals consisting of protein, carbs and fats are crucial to everyday function, which is why it’s important that you don’t entirely cut out carbs (remember low-carb does not equate to zero carb). Making sure your body gets all the nutrition it needs is incredibly important for your overall health.

So, keep in mind these sorts of foods:

  • Low-carb/zero-carb foods: Fats, Proteins, vegetables without starch
  • Higher carb foods that should be completely avoided: Starchy vegetables like Potatoes, grain-based foods like bread, sugary foods like fruit and sodas.

Here is what you should be picking up in most grocery stores today.

Green Produce Aisle

For the most part this area is a free-for-all, there are very few limits on what you can eat here as long as you don’t include foods like potatoes and the such. Studies have shown conclusively that diets that are rich in green vegetables are better for your health overall and people who have such diets tend to be healthier, slimmer and fitter with lower chances of cancer and chronic disease overall.

Best Types of Vegetables:

  • Green vegetables like Lettuce and spinach
  • Vegetables with low carbs like Broccoli, cabbages, kale, brussels sprouts and the such
  • Vegetables that appear low carb should work overall

The Best Pet Trackers and GPS Dog Collars to Buy in 2018

As a pet owner, nothing can be more distressing than taking your dog out for a stroll in a park, where they’re happily chasing squirrels and barking at ducks, and suddenly they’re too far away. Before you can call her back, she’s gone. And she’s not wearing a tracker. If you have gone through the nightmare of losing your dog, you know how importance GPS dog trackers are. Here are some of the best trackers in the market.


  • Gibi Pet Locator: A waterproof, tough and lightweight design, accessible through internet anywhere and can be connected with your phone, tablet or computer. With Gibi you can create safe zones. Whenever your dog leaves a safe zone, you get a text and email alert.
  • Paw Tracker: This is currently in sold in Mexico, Canada and USA. It detects your pet’s location via GPS satellites. It is activated with a SIM card that can be directly bought from the seller’s website.
  • LINK AKC – Smart collar: This app lets you track your dog through GPS enabled monitoring, monitor their activity, and log their vet records. There are many other nifty functionalities that make this collar handy and useful. It’s also comfortable for your dog and looks fabulous.
  • Whistle Activity Monitor: Founded by animal lovers in 2012, the whistle activity monitor is one of its kind. It has an activity monitoring system in the GPS tracking collar which can be connected with your mobile app for easily tracking the whereabouts of your dog all the time. Even though it is a bit on the high end of price range, it has worldwide coverage with live tracking. The first year is free and it comes with lots of cool features that is worth the buy.

Top 5 Ways to Change Your Shopping Habits

Many people fantasize shopping as their favorite pass-time. There is a strong connection between the emotional state and the shopping habits of people. Studies have shown that women see shopping as a way to relieve their stress. While it is important to keep our souls happy, it is also equally important to keep track on this compulsive habit to make sure we do not go overboard. Here are five ways to change our shopping habits.

  • Understand why you go overboard – It is not too late to make an attempt to understand your shopping behaviors. We always hear people telling “I went to buy this one thing and ended up buying a lot more”. This sort of behavior is fine if you bought it once or twice but if it happens every time, it is time you took corrective action before it impacts your finances. Stick to things you intended to buy in the first place and do not get carried away by the impulsiveness.
  • Reason for the shopping – Most of our shopping is unplanned. When we plan and shop we definitely stay within limits. Emotional buying is what takes us to the dangerous levels. Some forms of shopping that are taken up to relieve any kind of frustration can come down heavily on your budget. So think about the circumstances that are leading you to shop. This will keep you in better control of your shopping habits.
  • Try other forms of engaging yourself – This habit is definitely not addictive or compulsive. Trying engaging yourself in other interests you have. You can try re-arranging your close, this will at least give you an idea of how many clothes you have that have not been used even once.
  • Restrain yourself from going overboard – Now that you have identified why and what is the reason for over shopping. You have to consciously stop your mind from diverting to other things than the ones you planned to buy.
  • Experience and Observe the effect of fighting the urge to shop. Once done and proved effective you will feel victorious and happy. Also, visit MovoMovo to know ways to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Tips Choosing the Best Builder’s Top 10 Essential Tools

When you are about to handle a construction project or renovate your own home, it is vital to have these ten essentials to get the job rightly.

#1 Hammer and nails

It is the first tool that every builder should have. The hammer helps you in taking out old bolts and set the nails on the new surfaces. There are many types of hammers so pick up as per your need.

#2 Power drill

This thing can get the job done where a hammer doesn’t work. It drills a hole and sets the nails in place rapidly.

#3 Saw

Saw is useful to cut several surfaces and a handheld saw can be used to cut woods when you need a specific length of the materials.

#4 Level and tape measure

A builder’s work can’t get done without a measuring tape. If you want to get a door or window that fits exactly in the frame you need a measuring tape. Well, if you believe that building or renovating should be done by professionals, then Skyle is there to help you always.

#5 Electrical tester

If it is about wiring then an electrical tester is the tool you need. You won’t get electrocuted to make a buy for this tool and get your Christmas and other lighting done.

#6 Stepladder

Some surfaces are not within your reach until you use a step ladder to reach there. Make sure you buy a string and good quality ladder and make your job easy.

#7 Adjustable spanner

An adjustable spanner is a blessing when you want to take the bolts off from the surfaces. It can be adjusted to several diameters so you can take off all kind of bolts.

#8 Screwdriver and Screws

Sometimes neither a spanner nor a hammer can get the screws out and here comes the screwdriver. There are various types of screwdrivers and it is better to buy the important ones.

#9 Oscillating multi-tool

It works like a saw but far more effective and faster than that. It easily does the cutting job and works on several surfaces.

#10 Crowbar

Use the crowbar to take just any paneling or bent screws out with ease. Applying a little grease helps you even more.…

Handy Tips for (mostly) Stress-Free Shopping with Kids

Shopping alone or shopping with your partner always feels excited but it is not when you are with your kids. As nothing is impossible to do, here are some tips to follow to do stress-free shopping even with kids.

#1 Make A List Beforehand

This Means if you are planning to shop in the afternoon, make sure you have a list of items ready. It will help you to focus on things that are needed by cutting extra time.

#2 Feed Your Little One

Never leave the house without feeding your kid. Hungry kids always get irritant and panic unnecessarily. So before stepping out make sure you both have your meals.

#3 Get Some Snack Along

Chances are your kid feels hungry in between the shopping so getting some healthy snack along is a great idea. The snack will keep him engaged while giving you time to shop. Put something in the bag that your kid love to eat.

#4 Make It Quick If You Can

If you think it is hard to manage with your kid for too long at the shopping place, then make sure you do it as quick as possible. You can split your overall list and shop half at once. It will keep your child from making tantrums.

#5 Take The Things Along

Not just the snacks but there are things that your kid love to play with. If it is a doll, a kids car, or something playful get it along with you. Give it to your kid when you feel it is time. It can be a pacifier too and do not forget taking diapers, water bottle and some add-ons that you think are needy.

#6 Take Help Of Your Kid

It can take your more time but let him help you. This way, you both enjoy finishing the shopping list and maybe he won’t make tantrums at all. Toyreviewexperts says to let him decide between the flavors and similar things.

8 Ways to Recreate Your Favorite Celebrity Looks for Less

Whenever you tune in to your favorite entertainment channel to catch a glimpse of the celebrities you so much admire, there is one thing you are most probably looking out for – an impression. You want to see how they turn out – checking out the hairdo, makeup, clothes, shoes and jewelry pieces they have on. And even raising the bar; you would cherish looking like them in some instances. But then, the life of a celebrity is presumably an ‘expensive one’; a lifestyle that is not meant for the ‘faint-hearted’. Nevertheless, you do not have to spend as much as they do to recreate the impression that has been ‘inked’ on your mind

 Smart Ways of Recreating A Celeb Look Under Budget

Well, if you are not one, you can be an ‘imitation’ – that’s sometimes fine. But imitation does not mean you should use accessories of inferior quality, you can have the stuff you need to look like your favorite celeb without breaking the bank. Here are the ways to go about it:

  • Pick a look: While we may not entirely wish to deter you from going for a mix – say a Lily Colins-Jessica Alba combo – we feel it would be cool and less expensive to pick just one finicky look on a particular occasion. It’s all about making up your mind on the very celeb [among the whole lot you have on your favorite list] you wish to look like; one at a time.
  • Consider renting: Rather than spending thousands of dollars on those high-end accessories, you should consider renting them. This will certainly cost you less without depriving you of the look [provided you wear them right].
  • Adjust to Fit: Designers who make celebrities’ clothes do so paying attention to the minutest details about their body shape and the truth is that you too can have a well defined fit for your silhouette. Just pick a nice-looking apparel from the store and get it down to your seamstress to remake it in a way that ‘best’ highlights your shape.
  • Buy a mix of regulars and statement pieces: You can spend less to give yourself a celeb look by purchasing [and eventually wearing] a combo of designer dress/top and regular accessories or whatever mix that you cherish. For instance, you can pair Doutzen Kroes Cannes White Satin Cutout Split Dress with any of those replica gucci handbags [you can get from the store] and complement your appearance with a good pair of shoes and jewelry pieces.
  • Go to the right shop: There are a good number of stores that sell celebrity inspired outfits. You should check out those stores to purchase affordable clothes, bags, belts and so on. Stores like Asos, Forever21 and Missyempire are just some of the few places you can find such pieces.
  • Try drugstore dupes for makeup: In place of the Mary Kay’s, Christian Dior’s and the likes, you can walk into the drugstore to buy make-up dupes for less.
  • Be physically active: Celebrity look is not all about outfits; they also love to look trim and would readily go for an array of surgeries to get that look they desire. Rather than doing it their way, you can get involved in exercises and work your body to shape.
  • Stay on top of your budget: Finally, it is essential that you do not sidetrack your budget as you aim to recreate that favorite celebrity look.

Outdoor Gifts for a Man’s Birthday

When it is birthday time, it is all fun and frolic. Yes whether it is our birthday or our friend`s birthday it is always a nice thing to celebrate and relish and cherish the memories forever. The best thing about birthdays is the gifts that we receive and the gifts that we decide to give our friends on their special days. Yes, it is not just the birthday but all important days in our lives are all our celebration days. So what if it is your father`s or grandfather`s birthday? Or for that matter any senior person`s birthday in your family? Don’t you think you need to make the best choice of gifts for them? the one that would rightly suit their age and needs? Of course, it has to be for it is only such things that would make them happy and they would get to cherish it for their whole lifetime. Now here are few important and some sensible ideas that can make your selections easier and enhanced.

  • Now that we know, the gift is for some elderly person at home, you certainly cannot gift them a mobile, a watch or anything of that sort. So why not think of something like a walking stick. Of course, this makes a good idea for this would help them in their movements and they would also find it a great support.
  • How about a resting and relaxing chair? Generally, people beyond the age of 40 would always love to rest their backs for a while since the bones in their body start becoming weaker and that they would always want to rest their backs on something to give it a support. In such cases, relaxing chairs would come in handy.

Look out for such exclusive and exciting gifting options from the kayak accessories for there are a lot of similar options suiting your needs.

3 Useful Tips How to Buy the Right E-liquid

It is hard to select a vape device, but once you have selected one, you face a bigger problem. The problem that there are too many liquids to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select the right one. Eliquids vary in five major categories: strength, flavor, feeling, safety, and value. People are often uncompromising when it comes to flavor, and safety.

More flexible on factors such as strength and value. The amount of vape flavors is simply astonishing. Some flavors have a fruity twist attached to them such as strawberry or mango. Other flavors include things like chocolate and coffee. All of these flavors have their own unique tastes, it would be near impossible to try all of these out one by one. Many brands make flavors and to help you narrow your search I would recommend buying the great quality migliore sigaretta elettronica liquids. Sites that list flavors like VistaVapors can also help you select the right flavor for you. Strength of a vape liquid depends on the concentration of nicotine in it. If you just switched to vape from smoking, you might want to start with a higher amount of nicotine.

There are liquids with strong nicotine concentrations, and there are some liquids with no nicotine whatsoever. It is important to select the right strength otherwise you are messing with a powerful addictive drug. The feeling of the eliquid depends on what you select, many have varying feelings when they hit the back of your throat.

Safety is an important issue to focus on, not all liquids go through the same testing. You want to make sure the stuff you put into your bodies is clean and not some toxic waste. Do your research before buying. Value of an eliquid refers to the price, purchasing in bulk can save you money, but it will severely limit your choice of flavors.…

Helpful Tips to Help You Find a Baby crib

The crib is one of the most important things you will buy for your baby. There are many different varieties and styles available, so choosing between them can become challenging. Here at, they have some tips and advice to help you buy the best crib for your precious baby.  

Convertible cribs are a great option for parents who want to get the most for their money. Some can be used as cribs from birth and converted into different modes, even up to a full-size bed for adults. Because convertible cribs can be used in different ways, they are suitable for a range of age groups. Therefore, if you buy one, you won’t have to worry about shopping for another bed for many years.  

Safety is very important when choosing the perfect baby crib too. You need to ensure the mattress is just the right fit, and the side bars of the crib need to be spaced properly. They should not be large enough for a baby’s body to fit through, to prevent them from getting stuck or injured.  

It might also be important to choose a crib which looks good. It will be the focal point of the nursery so it’s a good idea to choose one you like the look of. Particularly if the crib is convertible and will be used for many years, it’s important that it looks good! Choose one which matches the color scheme of your nursery.  


The best tip for finding the perfect crib is to ensure it is simple and plain. Babies don’t need lots of fancy attachments and adornments and in fact they can be dangerous. The head and foot boards don’t need to be decorative as clothing can get stuck on decorative parts and cause injury. You should also ensure there are no screws sticking out which could cause similar problems.  

Some cribs come with storage drawers underneath which can be really handy for those who are pressed for space. Such drawers are usually the perfect size for storing clothes or blankets and sheets and they won’t make the place look cluttered either.  

Pets: Buy or Adopt? Here’s Your Answer

Whether you should buy or adopt a dog, it is always a big question as it depends on the situation and thinking of a person. For example, if you always stay rich then buying a dog or any pet is not a question for you. However, a less rich or a normal salaried person will look for a cost-effective way to own a pet and that is when adopting comes.

Well, it is not necessary that a rich one should go for buying a pet, there are some differences between buying and adopting and you can make your decision after reading them out.

A). Buying

#1 Reputed Breeder

It is the biggest advantage of buying a dog; you always get your choice of the breed with the characteristics you want. It is all done by a professional breeder who understands your needs.

#2 Fewer Health Issues

As these are professionally bred, your pet faces fewer health issues and it may cut you some vet expenses.

B). Adopting

#1 Saving Lives

Whenever you adopt a pet, you save him from that miserable condition he spends behind bars. An adopted dog will always be grateful for your kind act.

#2 Save Money

Adopting does not charge you as much as buying a pet. When it comes to adoption, the price gets less than half of the buying charges.

#3 Get Support

The rescue groups are responsible for the shelter of these pets that you adopt. After adopting, if any health issues arise you can always ask for the support of these groups.


Buying and adopting both are perfect ways to have a dog. If you see a pet that is just like you want and in the age group that you prefer, then you can always have him. Buy a harness for him and don’t leave home without a harness for your small dog as it is always very helpful for taking him in walks comfortably.…