Buying a stove for your kitchen can be a complicated task. There are just too many options available in the market and not to forget the design of the kitchen will also have a major influence on your choice.

Wood Burning Stove

If you have decided to buy yourself a wood burning stove but are not sure as to how to go about it, here are 10 tips to help you out:

  1. Size

First measure the size of the space available in your home. This will enable you to understand how big the stove can be.

  1. Efficiency

The efficiency varies from stove to stove. Do not blindly go with the company’s guidebook or advertisements. While some wood stoves are very efficient, others are not so. Check the ratings on efficiency, the reviews by customers, before you decide on the final model required for you.

  1. Design

There are a number of designs to choose from. Look around and decide based on how your house is furnished. This stove cannot look out of place.

  1. Output

The next factor to consider is the output. The heat output requirement depends on where you are and how low the temperature can get at your place.

  1. Combustion

How long does it take to burn and give out heat? If it is very time consuming and also produces too much smoke, it may not be a great option.

  1. Box Size

What is the size of the firebox? Small fireboxes may look compact but will be difficult to load the wood into. Also, you may have to refill frequently. Even if you are using the best splitting axe, chopping those wood pieces to a smaller size can be time-consuming.

  1. Door

What is the door made of? If it is glass, how good is the heat withstanding capacity? How durable is it?

  1. Certification

The stove you buy has to be certified for your safety purposes. Always go through carefully and never compromise on this even if you get a good rate.

  1. Cost

Cost is always a big influencing factor. Shop around; find out the rates offered by competitors. If the features are very similar, you need to decide based on cost. However, do not let cost be your sole deciding factor.

  1. Chimney

See what size chimney is required. If you are building a new chimney, this may not matter but if you already have one, the exhaust pipe of this stove should fit into it well, to avoid any seepage of smoke into the house.