Whether you should buy or adopt a dog, it is always a big question as it depends on the situation and thinking of a person. For example, if you always stay rich then buying a dog or any pet is not a question for you. However, a less rich or a normal salaried person will look for a cost-effective way to own a pet and that is when adopting comes.

Well, it is not necessary that a rich one should go for buying a pet, there are some differences between buying and adopting and you can make your decision after reading them out.

A). Buying

#1 Reputed Breeder

It is the biggest advantage of buying a dog; you always get your choice of the breed with the characteristics you want. It is all done by a professional breeder who understands your needs.

#2 Fewer Health Issues

As these are professionally bred, your pet faces fewer health issues and it may cut you some vet expenses.

B). Adopting

#1 Saving Lives

Whenever you adopt a pet, you save him from that miserable condition he spends behind bars. An adopted dog will always be grateful for your kind act.

#2 Save Money

Adopting does not charge you as much as buying a pet. When it comes to adoption, the price gets less than half of the buying charges.

#3 Get Support

The rescue groups are responsible for the shelter of these pets that you adopt. After adopting, if any health issues arise you can always ask for the support of these groups.


Buying and adopting both are perfect ways to have a dog. If you see a pet that is just like you want and in the age group that you prefer, then you can always have him. Buy a harness for him and don’t leave home without a harness for your small dog as it is always very helpful for taking him in walks comfortably.