The crib is one of the most important things you will buy for your baby. There are many different varieties and styles available, so choosing between them can become challenging. Here at, they have some tips and advice to help you buy the best crib for your precious baby.  

Convertible cribs are a great option for parents who want to get the most for their money. Some can be used as cribs from birth and converted into different modes, even up to a full-size bed for adults. Because convertible cribs can be used in different ways, they are suitable for a range of age groups. Therefore, if you buy one, you won’t have to worry about shopping for another bed for many years.  

Safety is very important when choosing the perfect baby crib too. You need to ensure the mattress is just the right fit, and the side bars of the crib need to be spaced properly. They should not be large enough for a baby’s body to fit through, to prevent them from getting stuck or injured.  

It might also be important to choose a crib which looks good. It will be the focal point of the nursery so it’s a good idea to choose one you like the look of. Particularly if the crib is convertible and will be used for many years, it’s important that it looks good! Choose one which matches the color scheme of your nursery.  


The best tip for finding the perfect crib is to ensure it is simple and plain. Babies don’t need lots of fancy attachments and adornments and in fact they can be dangerous. The head and foot boards don’t need to be decorative as clothing can get stuck on decorative parts and cause injury. You should also ensure there are no screws sticking out which could cause similar problems.  

Some cribs come with storage drawers underneath which can be really handy for those who are pressed for space. Such drawers are usually the perfect size for storing clothes or blankets and sheets and they won’t make the place look cluttered either.