Jun 08, 2012

Bike for Art!

The fourth annual Bike Night at the Hammer was a wild success, breaking attendance records with over 1,200 bike enthusiasts enjoying the bike-centered activities, free Made in L.A. admission, and an overall free pass to take over the museum!

Our first bike of the night!

The good folks from the UCLA Bike Shop offered free bike repairs, dealing with anything from flat tires to gear rotation. My poor, rusted little bike has been in desperate need of a tune-up for months. Not anymore! The lovely Paul Bioche fixed the handle bars, filled the tires, and then personally took the bike for a few laps around the courtyard to make sure nothing else needed tuning. Thank you, Paul!

Incidentally, Paul’s hours at the bike shop are Mondays 10-12, Tuesdays 12-3, Thursdays 12-2, and Fridays 2-3. The shop itself is open Monday-Friday 12-3PM.

By 8PM the many bike racks were already overflowing.

Bikes lined up behind the museum on Lindbrook.

Bike activities included making your own reflector buttons, a curated rack of customized bikes, a bike runway, and (my personal favorite) a screening of Quicksilver—the lowest point of Kevin Bacon’s career according to Kevin Bacon.

Side-note: Not far into the film, there is a dance-off between a ballerina and Kevin Bacon on his bike, by far one of the best film dance scenes I have ever seen.

My newly tuned up bike, sporting its new spoke card.

Our homemade bike ramp.

Many took time out from the bike-centric activities to take advantage of free admission to Made in L.A. to register to vote for the Mohn Award.

A visitor sporting a Made in L.A. hoodie near Pearl C. Hsiung’s installation “Above it is not bright; From Below it is not Dark.”

Bike enthusiasts Kevin Roy, Rob McMickle, & John Puppo.

A bike bus of sorts?

Dustin Perlman

If you missed out, not to worry, only 364 days until Bike Night is back at the Hammer!

-Miriam Newcomer, Communications Fellow

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