Whenever you tune in to your favorite entertainment channel to catch a glimpse of the celebrities you so much admire, there is one thing you are most probably looking out for – an impression. You want to see how they turn out – checking out the hairdo, makeup, clothes, shoes and jewelry pieces they have on. And even raising the bar; you would cherish looking like them in some instances. But then, the life of a celebrity is presumably an ‘expensive one’; a lifestyle that is not meant for the ‘faint-hearted’. Nevertheless, you do not have to spend as much as they do to recreate the impression that has been ‘inked’ on your mind

 Smart Ways of Recreating A Celeb Look Under Budget

Well, if you are not one, you can be an ‘imitation’ – that’s sometimes fine. But imitation does not mean you should use accessories of inferior quality, you can have the stuff you need to look like your favorite celeb without breaking the bank. Here are the ways to go about it:

  • Pick a look: While we may not entirely wish to deter you from going for a mix – say a Lily Colins-Jessica Alba combo – we feel it would be cool and less expensive to pick just one finicky look on a particular occasion. It’s all about making up your mind on the very celeb [among the whole lot you have on your favorite list] you wish to look like; one at a time.
  • Consider renting: Rather than spending thousands of dollars on those high-end accessories, you should consider renting them. This will certainly cost you less without depriving you of the look [provided you wear them right].
  • Adjust to Fit: Designers who make celebrities’ clothes do so paying attention to the minutest details about their body shape and the truth is that you too can have a well defined fit for your silhouette. Just pick a nice-looking apparel from the store and get it down to your seamstress to remake it in a way that ‘best’ highlights your shape.
  • Buy a mix of regulars and statement pieces: You can spend less to give yourself a celeb look by purchasing [and eventually wearing] a combo of designer dress/top and regular accessories or whatever mix that you cherish. For instance, you can pair Doutzen Kroes Cannes White Satin Cutout Split Dress with any of those replica gucci handbags [you can get from the store] and complement your appearance with a good pair of shoes and jewelry pieces.
  • Go to the right shop: There are a good number of stores that sell celebrity inspired outfits. You should check out those stores to purchase affordable clothes, bags, belts and so on. Stores like Asos, Forever21 and Missyempire are just some of the few places you can find such pieces.
  • Try drugstore dupes for makeup: In place of the Mary Kay’s, Christian Dior’s and the likes, you can walk into the drugstore to buy make-up dupes for less.
  • Be physically active: Celebrity look is not all about outfits; they also love to look trim and would readily go for an array of surgeries to get that look they desire. Rather than doing it their way, you can get involved in exercises and work your body to shape.
  • Stay on top of your budget: Finally, it is essential that you do not sidetrack your budget as you aim to recreate that favorite celebrity look.