People are no more skeptical about online shopping. But still, there are a few incidents that create fear in the minds of the consumers. Online retailers might have the best marketing strategies in place. They might have innovative methods for instagram views kaufen and other such social media tricks that win the credibility of the customers. But to retain that credibility and to be able to focus on the long-term growth the e-commerce companies also need to consistently deliver quality products. This can be done by thoroughly verifying the sellers and ensuring that the customers get the best experience shopping with them. Here are the 7 most common things that customers worry about when they shop online –

  1. Payment issues

If the e-commerce site doesn’t have secure payment channels payment processing issues are prone to occur.

  1. Misleading reviews

Some sites pay writers to write reviews that only look genuine. This strategy can mislead customers about the product and its performance or quality.

  1. False discounts

The original price cited on the e-commerce site might not always be genuine. Sometimes this value is spiked so as to show a false discount. This issue can be avoided if you inquire about the actual selling price of the product in the other stores.

  1. Getting the wrong products delivered

Some people get the wrong products delivered and this then would be followed by a tedious cycle of returns and refunds.

  1. Misleading images

Not all sellers post original product images. Customers would thus not get a clear picture of what they are spending on.

  1. Issues with refunds

Refunds are not always processed on time as promised. Customers might have to follow up frequently until the money is credited back.

  1. Compromise on product quality

Product quality sometimes turns out to be worse than expected. Unlike shopping from a physical retail store customers do not get their hands on the product before placing the order when they shop online.