Children love shopping for toys. But parents love this shopping even more. With all the variety that is added parents are tempted to get all the trendiest toys for their children. Before you buy any toy make sure that you visit toy review experts forums. This would ensure that you are only spending on toys that are worth the expense. They would also be the toys that your kids do not get bored of too soon.

Parents today end up buying all the wrong toys for their kids. What is right or wrong in buying a toy? Toys are toys after all, aren’t they? No, they aren’t! Remember that the toy you pick has a huge impact on your kid. Toys are more than just for entertainment. Children learn and grow while they play.

  1. Instilling gender bias

Color based as well as role-based discrimination of the genders should not be encouraged in children. It is totally alright for boys to play with pink toys, dolls, and kitchen sets. And it is fine if girls play with cars.

  1. Not allowing free play

Toys definitely are designed to be played in a particular way. But it is a bad idea, as a parent, to stop the kid from exploring the many possibilities of using the toy and playing with it.

  1. Creating ways to help them kill their boredom

Do not sit and figure out ways to help your child kill his boredom. Children get more creative when bored.

  1. Expecting too much out of children

Do not buy toys simply based on the age recommendation printed on the labels. Buy toys based on your children’s areas of interest.

  1. Multitasking

Do not ask your child to multitask too soon. Children possess a short attention span. Toys with too many distractions might not be of any use to them. There would be so much that the toy does and very little for the child to do. Simpler toys would instead be better in bringing out their imagination.