How to choose wood for your projects Woodworking Basics in 2019

Mostly, only veteran carpenters would be knowing the tricks to select the apt wood that suits the specific project purpose. It will be confusing for the beginners or for the new woodworkers to decide on what type of wood to work for exactly, similar to the confusion state they face while considering the case of bandsaws models compared for woodworking. To make this task easy, the primary thing you need to focus on is about the different types of wood taken for project works.

Generally, there exist two categories of wood which includes

  1. The solid type like the hardwoods and softwoods that are directly derived from the wood of a tree.
  2. And the other type is commonly known as the sheet goods like plywood or MDF which are derived or manufactured stuff.

Know the solid wood varieties in detail.


These woods are usually milled from a deciduous tree like oak or maple, mahogany or so and are physically tough or durable than the softwood types. It is typically used for making furniture and a topcoat of varnish or oil is only required for its protection.


This type of wood is extracted from the coniferous pine trees.

  • It the one that is often taken for home construction and other framing purposes as these are easily accessible and affordable.
  • Apart from the natural wooden color rendered by this wood, it also retains the color being painted on it.
  • Further, the unique grains and knots add to this beauty of this wood.
  • Moreover, it is really easy to work on it and so, the processes like cutting and sanding can be done smoothly with your blades.

However, while going for these solid lumbers, you must consider the case of expansion and contraction which happens when there occurs a seasonal change.…

How To Lose 80 Pounds In 6 Months?

Losing 80 pounds in 6 months is a big goal and it is nearly 60% extra of the recommended weight loss rate. However, you can achieve this by following a well designed diet and exercise plan. When aiming to lose weight, your diet and exercise plan have to be designed based on the information like your age, gender, current fitness level and weight by calculating your BMI. Knowing the BMI helps you understand if you overweight or obese or underweight. If you want to jumpstart your weight loss journey and see a greater amount of weight loss in the first month of following a diet plan, then Nutrisystem is best suggested for you. Its newest launch FreshStart program offers weight loss up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month. Go through this post in that talks about Nutrisystem and its plans.

The American Obesity Association insists that people who want to follow a weight loss plan should consult a doctor before starting on a weight loss plan. It is important that your daily calorie consumption does not fall below 1000 calories so that you do not face any nutrition deficiency. Men should ensure that their daily calorie consumption does not dip below 1400 calories and women should not eat less than 1200 calories in a day. If you are not keen to follow your own diet plan, make use of diet planners available in the market.

Following your own diet requires some initial preparation from your end to take forward your weight loss journey in a steady manner. The first step is to find out whether you are obese or overweight by determining your BMI. According The American Obesity Association, if your BMI is 27, you need to follow the 1200 or 1400 calorie diet plan. If your BMI is 30, you need to dip below the recommended 1200 calorie diet plan. This is likely to bring in nutrition deficiency which you will have to compensate by eating lots of fruits and vegetables.…